Who am I? That’s always a good question to ask. plus you are hiring me to capture your family as they are and that means you have to know what you are getting into.

I am me… just kidding. My name is Lillie Bullock, owner of Lillie bullock photography. I am a wife, a mother, an employee, an adventurer and an artist. I started photography in college to help pay for groceries and quickly fell in love. I fell in love with chasing the light and adventuring and getting to know someone!

There are days I walk into a session and have met the family maybe once before where we talked about your vision for photos over coffee. We laugh, we cry, we joke, and we talk about life to its fullest. We embrace all of it to capture what your photos should represent, which is you. I will always go above and beyond to capture the light in your life.

Let me help you get the captivating, emotional and adventurous photos of your dreams 

adj. to be susceptible. Isn’t that how we are all currently feeling? We are quarantined in our homes vulnerable to these things that are unseen. Susceptible to tiny invisible things. Getting really deep about all of it, haven’t we been hurt by tiny invisible things before, our words, our thoughts, other people’s words? I know it is feels constant. Now they tell us stay home and continue to feel the anxiety and frustration we’ve felt for years.

When this whole thing started, I had to think of all the things I was losing out on. I was losing out on working. I was losing out on community. I was losing out on working out and getting strong. To be honest, I couldn’t help thinking of all the things I did not want to happen.

So over the last two weeks, I have tried to look at the silver linings, but it’s hard. I felt like in order to deal with all of it, I built this enormous wall. This wall that hid that I was angry, sad, frustrated etc. I now had to figure out how to do everything new. By new, I mean a brand new routine. Working two jobs from home while taking care of two young children and somehow manage my own introverted self by myself since I married someone who is considered essential personnel. For the last few years after having kids, I had to re figure out myself and it is almost more frustrating to not feel like it is figured out.

So to get through this, I feel like I must be vulnerable to myself, to the world. I am ready and scared to start school. I am ready and frustrated to see myself change through nutrition and exercise. I am ready to be proud of the person I am becoming. Proud of the mother I am. Proud of the work I put into life. I am ready to support those around me and be apart of something bigger than myself. I am ready to be proud of the past, the present and the highly unpredictable future.

I feel like I always seem to jump on here and say something about how it has been so long since I have posted, so here it is. It has been some time. I finished out 2019 with some amazing sessions and realizing I spent nearly every weekend with amazing people. Many were couple preparing for their 2020 weddings.

When getting ready for an engagement session it is important to look into a couple different items. Most engagement sessions are between 1 and 2 hours which allows for two things. 1. You can get in multiple outfits 2. We could probably get in two locations.

Outfits are an important part of the session. What you choose to wear showcases your personality. Think of looking back at your photos 5 years from now thankful you wore jeans, a button up and boots during your winter engagement over a ball gown. or maybe you love dressing up, lets get you in a flowy gown that catches the wind and is the most romantic photo you have ever seen. Maybe you have a dressy side and a relaxed side… do both! We have time. What ever you choose to wear it should capture you as your normally are. You should be comfortable in the skin your in.

As for me when it comes to outfits, I will point you in the right direction of colors that match, or avoid too many patterns between you and your spouse. Avoid the bright neon colors and go for something more natural that way your eye will naturally draw to your face rather than your shirt when you view your photos. I will always be there to bounce ideas for outfits.

Now let’s talk locations. Once of my favorite questions is “Do you have a favorite place,” or “Where did you all first meet”. The locations that we choose for your engagement session will become special to you or maybe already has.The location should not just be chosen for its beauty, although this is important, but it should be a location that reminds you of your love. You love hiking together, then let’s hike mountain to your favorite spot, or maybe you love the water and kayaking down the river, let’s meet by the river bank and capture your love.

When you are ready to plan you all the specifics of your engagement session, Let’s do this together.

There is something about meeting your person so young in life. From childhood friends to life long lovers Morgan and Caleb have such a unique love. It was one of my first sessions that I almost took a step back and went Woah! Y’all are making my job too easy. Just Amazing.

Morgan and Caleb were able to play, have fun and be themselves at their engagement session. True laughs and giggles and walking away from the session with the biggest smiles.

From the soft sweet moments, to the wild ride. This is an amazing life.

I have started and stopped this blog post numerous times. I have struggled finding the motivation and frankly the words to describe anything. It is funny how that seems to happen in winter. I strongly believe in the Winter blues and definitely get them myself. It is in these moment I try to find something to snap myself out of it.

I have thrown my time into my business full hearted this year. I have revamped so many things so that I can walk my clients from step one to step ten of the photography session process. With that, the feedback I have received as been amazing. I have found relationships with clients have become stronger and I feel invested into their lives more than ever. I have loved watching families grow and love come to life. I have been inspired to capture this growth, this love and this life.

There are so many reasons that when I feel a print and my hand and my heart flutters. I feel nostalgic as I see a print framed and hung on the wall or I hear the flip of the thick pages of an album. I cannot help but smile as I hear the giggles of children pointing at themselves in a photo going “That’s me” and I definitely cry every time I see a couple see their photos for the first time and cry themselves knowing that their love was capture, frozen in time.

This is why life and I mean real everyday life should be captured in time. It is the hide and seek under the blanket moments, and the wrestle in a field of wild flowers type of moments that are so simple and yet so stunningly beautiful. What captures your life and your love is what I want to photograph every day and I could. I so passionately love what I do and I feel like each person needs to experience this amazing thing of capturing life as it truly is.

It is the night of halloween and all through the house not a creature is stirring, maybe a mouse…. but really I am so excited for Christmas! Obviously I am one of those people that jump straight from halloween to Christmas in a blink of an eye. But before we reach that point, I felt the need to share the most amazing session that truly brought back the spark of creativity in my soul.

Occasionally I drown myself out in the art world and realize that I shouldn’t touch my camera for about 2 weeks and tag along to some crazy session that Is there for the soul purpose of making art. Well this was it! My good friend from Allison Banks Photography starting planning the most amazing halloween shoot, and invited myself to tag along. So I did. Alyssa and Jake killed the evening with their sexy, creepy skeleton vibes and the weather brought even more to the game.

I could seriously do creative shoots for the rest of my life and be perfectly content and my goodness I know the make up artist to do them all because Alecia Butchko make up artistry is to die for!!!

This year for me has been a year full of elopements, something near and dear to my life. The spontaneity and the adventure is something that I fully thrive on. The greatest is seeing two people come together in front of the closest of friends, or just in front of nature itself.

Nature is so beyond powerful and flows through us because it is meant to be there. Seeing some of the most amazing couples adventure and say “I do” as nature takes over. It is so dangerous, powerful and the true meaning of marriage, as marriage in itself is dangerous and powerful and beautiful.

There is a reason I do what I do, because I myself wish that I had just hiked a mountain, or a glacier, or strolled barefoot through the sand before saying promising my full love to someone, because if they are willing to hike that mountain with you, or dance in the rain, what would they not being willing to do. This coming November I will be celebrating 5 years of marriage. We also eloped, bored one day after only a couple weeks of dating decided to take on this crazy life together. Whether it is spontaneity of running off to the courthouse, or hiking a mountain, or taking a ride on a horse through the rivers, I will happily attend this wonderful day with you capturing your love as it truly is, wild, romantic, and adventurous.

Its been a bit of delay in blogging this session. I wanted to do something adventurous and get some of my dresses from my closet finally onto a client. The amazing thing was that this one dress created such an amazing image when paired with the Amazing Alex. IMG_8167.jpgI could not have asked for a better day and a more beautiful soul to work on this project with. I was pleased to also be joined by the amazing Allison Banks Photography. This whole project could not have been achieved without her input and guidance with how to pose Alex or collaborating on what to do next. I love being able to work with amazing people!

See more @ https://lilliebullockphotography.shootproof.com/gallery/7216498/